Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's Up Wednesday?! In Which I Catch Up On The Past Two Weeks

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk as a way for writers to keep in touch by sharing what they've been up to. Be sure to link up on their site if you want to join in on the fun. 

What I'm Reading

Finally finished Since You've Been Gone *insert sad face here*. I tried to drag it out as long as possible but I got to a point where I just had to know how it would end. And now I have to wait two more years until her next book *insert bigger sad face*. Also finished the audio book of The Program! Loved it. Not sure why I didn't finish it sooner. I'm part way through The Treatment and it's just as good. As for a book book, I'm rereading The Summer Series along with Ginger at GReads. It's been two years since my first read and now that summer is here, it seemed like the perfect time to revisit Cousins Beach.

What I'm Writing

I am now at 36K. I got a few days behind during all the family time but I have caught up. If I keep up with 1K a day I'll be finished by my deadline.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Proving to myself that I can. It's crazy what happens when you set your mind to something and really do it. And by the end of this month I should have a completed novel. Wasn't even close when I started last month. Just crazy.

What Else I've Been Up To

Well, it's been two weeks, so A LOT! Last week was a 4 day week work week so my Tuesday was crazy and I didn't get around to writing up a post. But the weekend before that (Memorial Day weekend) crazy day was a blast!

Thursday before Memorial Day my baby brother (on right, middle bro on left) surprised me at work! He kept asking all these weird questions Wednesday night and then the next morning about half an hour after we opened he walked into the lobby. I almost cried (he lives 8 hours away and I don't get to see him nearly enough). I met him and my other brother for lunch that day. We never get to hang out as just the three of us so it was awesome.

Saturday was a hang around my parents day in the morning before kiddos game. Kiddo went home with my mom after the game and my husband and I went to Blazefest! An all day rock concert put on by a local radio station. We had a blast. We saw 5 of the bands (we didn't get there until 5:00 but stayed until 11:00) and I found a new favorite, 10 years (top picture is the lead singer of 10 Years walking on the crowd and bottom is the final band, Chevelle.

Sunday kiddo and I went to the beach with the family. It was a nightmare trying to find a beach with parking. We finally did and stayed a little over three hours. I tried so hard not to, but in the end, I got burnt. But only on part of my back where I couldn't reach with sunscreen. :0/

Kindergarten field trip was last Wednesday to....dun dun dunnnnn....Build A Bear. Yes, very anticlimactic. Not what I pictured a school field trip being but kids had fun. They each got to name and stuff their own bear. Since I had the whole day off, we hung around after, bought an outfit for the bear (Superman), had lunch at Chili's, did a little shopping and ended the day out with ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Then Friday was Water Day/End of year celebration. For some reason kiddo all of a sudden had a fear of heights. He wouldn't go on the slide...until his teacher volunteered to go down with him. I wonder if he had it planned out all along. I was only able to go on my lunch break, see him go down with the teacher, and sit with him while he had lunch. His teacher sent me a picture later saying he finally went down by himself and had been going all afternoon. Crazy kid. He's a mess.

So what have you been up to?


Rachel said...

Congratulations Maddie on hitting 30k!!!!! What an accomplishment! Keep it up :-) Looks like it was tons of fun at the beach and at kiddo's field day with the slide. Love that your brother surprised you. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Miss Cole said...

36k is amazing! Go you :D

That beach photo is so beautiful. Wow!

Jaime Morrow said...

That's so great that you got to hang with your brothers! I haven't seen mine in WAY too long, so I should probably fix that. (He lives three provinces away.) I have a copy of SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE headed my way from the Book Depository, and I can't wait until it arrives. I love all of her stuff. You've made such awesome progress on this story you're writing. That's so inspiring! Hope you have a wonderful week, Mandie!

Erin L. Funk said...

Wow, you've been up to a ton of fun stuff lately! It's so great that your brother surprised you and that the three of you got to hang out together. Jaime and I really need to trek out east to visit our little brother sometime.

And way to go on hitting 36k! I'm rooting for you to meet your deadline! :)

Anonymous said...

So nice you got to hang out with your brothers, what a lovely surprise! :) And congrats for getting to 36K, here's to another quick 36! Have a wonderful week, Mandie!

- Caitie

Jessica Leake said...
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Jessica Leake said...

These pics show just how busy you've been!! So proud of you for staying on target with your WIP. Can't wait to read it when it's all finished!

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