Sunday, October 26, 2014

777 Challenge

The 777 challenge is when a writer is challenged by another writer to post the seven lines of text, seven lines down on the seventh page of their work-in-progress. I was tagged by my friend Katy Upperman (check out her seven lines here).

I'm using seven lines from my WIP When The Wind Blows.

I jog across the empty road to the boardwalk. As my foot hits the worn wood I breathe a sigh of relief. Home.
The beach is where I belong. I was never a candlestick like my brother. I longed to fight against the mold. Against them. Against the perfect little family. That is, perfect until I come in, rocking the boat with my stormy seas.
For as long as I can remember there was a plan and it was set in granite. We—Shawn and I—would graduate high school with straight As, just like Daddy. 

I'm tagging my writer friends: Jessica, Jamie, Ginger, Jennie, Jessica, Tabitha and Valerie.