Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tune In Tuesday {20}

Tune In Tuesday is a fun weekly post hosted by Ginger at GReads.  It's a great way to see what kind of music other people are loving. 

Last week I posted songs from the Twilight Soundtrack since it was Breaking Dawn Premier week and I hadn't really listened to the soundtrack for it. I ended up buying it the day of the premier and did my best to listen, but with a talkative four-year-old, it's tough.

I listened to it a few times on the 2 hours drive to my parents and 45 minute drive to the theater for the midnight premier and had an idea of the songs during the movie. It was the song they played during the credits that really stuck me-Bruno Mars "It Will Rain". Though I'm not a huge fan, I do like some of his stuff. If I had REALLY listened to it before the movie, not sure I'd feel the same way. But hearing the song right after experiencing the movie, I was really able feel the emotion behind it. All the lyrics made sense. I've now listened to it a few dozen times and it gets me each and every time I play it. So much so that tonight I went to the Drive-In and saw it for the second time. Contemplating a third (I've never seen any movie at a theater more than once so that says something).

Anyway...enough blabbering. Let me know what you think!


Ginger @ GReads! said...

Before I saw the movie, I was not a fan of this song. But like you, after hearing it in the theater during the credits, I thought differently of it. I think b/c this movie was so amazing, anything that goes with it begins to be more amazing. Make sense? haha I really want to see it again, too.

Katelyn said...

I will not lie, I am like a HUGE Bruno Mars fan. His voice is just so mesmerizing and effortless. This song has been on replay on my Spotify for the past week. And I just LOVE the music video. Also, kind of a funny story, my dad LOVES Bruno too. I will never forget, it was when his Just The Way You Are song became popular, I was watching it on TV. My dad strolls on in and then says, "Did Lil Wayne get a new makeover?" I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. After a few seconds, I finally realized he was thinking Bruno was Lil Wayne. He won't openly admit he's a fan but every time a Bruno Mars song comes on the radio, he turns it up. Love him <3

Tee said...

I am not a Bruno Mars fan, however I do like this song, and I think I would like it without the Twilight connection, tho I am not sure if I would have ever heard it. My favorite Twilight soundtrack has always been the first one, I think the Breaking Dawn soundtrack is running a close second for me. I loved all the music and thought it fit perfectly with the movie

Bianca said...

I think it is Bruno Mars week. A lot of people are posting his songs and it is great. He is amazing. I posted this song last week and I love it. Great pick!

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

Yeah...love this song! I have been listening to the BD soundtrack a lot lately after seeing the movie. It's like reliving it. :)

LitzaLou said...

I have to say, this song is definitely growing on me. The more I hear it, the more I like it... and Bruno Mars. Thanks for giving me one more chance to listen to it!

My Tune in Tuesday pick!

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