Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful for....Twilight!

Beth Revis is having a HUGE giveaway on her blog. She's wanting to know what books you're thankful for. It's so hard to pick just one book. There are so many great ones out there. But there is one, rather four, that stand out to me the most. So I'm going to tell you why I'm thankful for the Twilight series.

I know it's cliché and everybody seems to say this, but Twilight is what got me back into reading! I read a lot growing up, all through middle school. I was the girl who exceeded the 300 required reading pages per six weeks by 3000.  As I got into high school and started band and soccer I had less time. Then came working and college and there was never time. Then getting married and starting a real job and house owning and blah blah blah. That all changed when I found Twilight. I made time.

It was the month or so after Breaking Dawn was released and weeks before the movie was due to release that I saw Twilight sitting on a shelf at Walmart late at night. I hadn't heard of the movie, but it caught my eye. I picked it up, brought it home, and was hooked! I went back two days later early in the morning and picked up New Moon because I had already finished reading Twilight. The next day I went on the hunt for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I found Eclipse at Walmart, but they had no copies of Breaking Dawn. I then drove a few miles over to Target and found the LAST copy of Breaking Dawn. I went home and over the next two days devoured them.

I still remember what it was like reading them for the first time. And second. And third and fourth. Yes, I've read the complete series four times! I've also reread each book before it's movie premier (except for Breaking Dawn, maybe I can read that one before Breaking Dawn Part 2). With each pass I found something different. With Twilight I was just learning the characters, getting into their world. In New Moon I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Edward would be back (no...I did not peak) that I know I missed stuff. So much detail and new characters in both Eclipse and Break Dawn. Of course I had to read them over. And I know in the future I'll read them again. And again.

There are people who love this series. There are people who don't get it. There are people who don't like it. But I've heard time and time again how many people said this series got them into or back into reading. That, to me, is what is so awesome about it.

What book are you thankful for?


Angela V. Cook said...

I too owe it to Twilight for getting me back into reading (and writing!) :o) I wouldn't say it's my favorite book of all time, but I will say it affected me in a way no other book/series ever has. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn a week from Sunday. Can't wait!!

Great post!

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Predictable, I know, but I'm thankful for Harry Potter! This was the series that got me back into reading. I can't remember if maybe I started reading the Shopaholic series before Harry Potter though. I also read Twilight not too long after that. I think that series got me even more hooked on the paranormal!

BTW, I saw Breaking Dawn yesterday and it was awesome! I can't believe how creepy Bella looked when she's preggers. Ewww.

Mandie Baxter said...

I agree Angela, it's not my favorite, but I owe a lot to it!

I read the first Shopaholic book, it was okay. And haven't read HP. And I love Twi, but haven't gotten to much into paranormal. I'm a SF/Contemp junkie.

And OH MY! yes...very creepy preggers/deadish.

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