Friday, November 25, 2011

TGIF {13}

TGIF is a fun post created by Ginger at GReads.  It’s to recap what you’ve posted about through the week and then Ginger asks a fun question.

Friday, Nov. 25th - When You're Not Reading: What occupies your time when your nose isn't stuck in a book?

Since I work full time and am a wife and mother (to a four-year-old ENERGETIC boy) I don't have a whole lot of free time. But the time I do have I try split it up into different things (though the main one is reading). 

Lately it's been writing. I've been writing off and on for the past few years, but really got into the swing of things earlier this year and reworked a previous idea and started from scratch. Was able to finish the first draft of this WIP last month.

Another passion of mine is renting movies or watching television shows. I know, not the best way to spend spare time, but when you live far away from your babysitter (i.e. family) it's the perfect way to entertain yourself (and save money). Though we have become big fans of the local drive-in. We can watch our movie while our son sits in the backseat with a laptop playing his movie.

But the best way I spend my time is fun with my family. From driving back home to my parents, them coming for a visit, late night movie with my husband after kiddo is asleep, or taking my son to the park.

So how do you spend your time when your nose isn't stuck in a book?


Katelyn said...

I am incredibly jealous that you get to spend your free time going to the drive in! We used to have a couple all within a half hour drive but the best one of them closed down a few years ago. There is a kind of crappy one still open in Flint which if you didn't know is one of the most dangerous cities in the US so to say I try and stay away is an understatement. And then YAYYYY! for writing. I am so incredibly happy you decided to get back into it :)

Mandie Baxter said...

Thanks Katelyn!!! :0) Love the drive in. It's about 15 minutes away. And thank you (you are awesome). I hope to make it a real live book one day.

Molly Jo said...

Oh man, I wish we had a drive-in! There was one a couple hours from where I went to college, but I never went. I really wish I had now. I'm not sure there's a drive-in ANYWHERE in Flordia.

Anne Bennett said...

Writing!? What are you writing/working on?

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Mostly I hang out with the Hubs during my free time, catching up on shows on our DVR or watching movies. Or reading or writing. Really, I am such a homebody!

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