Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So a friend of mine, Ashley, is hosting JUST CONTEMPORARY this month on her blog. I won't lie and say this is my favorite genera, though it is very high up on my list. I'm a Sci-Fi/Dystopian junkie at heart, but I still have a soft spot for contemporary. And a few girls (Ashley, Katelyn and Ginger) have been bringing that soft spot out more and more lately. I'm not complaining!

After I read certain books—Divergent, Shade/Shift, Enclave—I'm not ready to leave that world completely and jump into another. This is where contemporary comes in handy for me. It's a familiar world, one I live every day, so I can still let the previous book linger while I read through a few of these.

I'm going to try to do a mini-review each week. This is not normal for me, while I promote the heck out of books, I haven't really gotten into the review part of it all. But for Ashley, I'm making an exception (and sorry Ashley, they won't be pages long...but I'm trying). 

Hope you'll join Ashley and the other awesome bloggers who are apart of JUST CONTEMPORARY month! 


Katelyn said...

Oh Mandie I am SO happy you are joining along with all the fun this month. I can't wait to see your mini reviews :)

Ashley said...

Aww! THANK YOU Mandie! :D I don't need pages long reviews! I love that you are participating and trying and allowing me to let some of my love for Contemporary spill over to you! :D

Christa said...

Cool. Going now!!! And yes, please send me your WIP so I can read it:)

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