Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently June 2, 2015

I really enjoyed the What's Up Wednesday posts I was doing for a while and have been looking for something to fill in. Then I saw a post by Katy Upperman titled Currently and thought I'd give it a try. Her first post linking back to the original is here.


Beach Body! Well, their programs and products at least. I don't like the whole idea that you have to be a certain size/shape to be "beach body ready" or go on crazy diets but I love the idea of being fit and healthy and feeling good about yourself. What I love about the BB community is there are all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness doing this together. I've done one round of their 21 fix healthy eating plan and dropped 6 pounds and a mess of inches. I'm starting a second round tomorrow, this time I'm including the workouts. I bumped up to the extreme level so I'll either be down pounds/inches or just down on the floor unable to move! And don't get me started on the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology....it's amazing.


I'm making my way through the Harry Potter series and am no on book 4, Goblet of Fire. About half way through. Really enjoying the series, but I'm taking them slow. A book a month/every other month. And then I'm rereading To All The Boys I've Loved Before before starting PS I Still Love You.


Seems all the shows I watch (except Game of Thrones) are off for the summer so I'm turning to Netflix and DVDs, rewatching old favorites. I'm currently on season 7 of Supernatural and season 3 of Sex and the City.

Thinking about

Summer. Weddings. My revamped book idea. Beach days.


I signed up for a yoga workshop later this month and I can't wait.


That there were more hours in the day. Work has been hectic and I'm mentally drained. Can't focus to write or read. And I'm not liking it.

Making me happy

Lazy weekends. The weekends over the last few months were jam packed with training runs, actual runs (10K, Tough Mudder, Half-Marathon, Mud run), base ball games, family days, etc. And it's nice to just sit back and relax with a movie or two and just be.


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