Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Reading and Writing and Blogging OH MY

2014 wasn't a bad year but wasn't a great year either. It was just one of those years that was. I completed a lot of goals while starting others. Kiddo finished kindergarten and started first grade while playing t-ball, soccer and basket ball. We went on our first cruise with my husbands family and made it back safely (though sick). But now 2015 is here!


I wanted to read 60 books and I did. Plus some. I ended the year with 137 books read (not counting the ones that aren't published yet). In 2015 I'm aiming for 80 books and if I reach that early I'll adjust my goal.


I put my last complete novel (One More Summer) on the shelf after a round of querying. I got a few partial and full requests but nothing came of those. I started and completed my third novel (When The Wind Blows). I'm debating on waiting for more notes or reading it again myself and going from there. I love this book and want to see it succeed but I also don't want to put it out in the world before its ready. My goal for this year is to start and finish my fourth novel (Falling Slowly) and, if I complete it, start another (What If I Was Nothing).

My critique partner, Jessica Leake, and I have made goals for ourselves. I want to complete Falling Slowly by March 20th (before kiddo’s spring break) which means I need to write 780 words a day to finish on time.


I really slacked on blogging this year. The most I did was Ready? Set. Write! and my monthly book updates. This year I want to do more weekly blogging by sticking with What's Up Wednesday? as well as keep up my monthly reading wrap-ups.


Katy Upperman said...

FINISH THAT NEXT MANUSCRIPT! We should have more writing/play dates in the coming months... I'm rooting for you!

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