Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogger Love-A-Thon Mini Challenge #1

For the first mini challenge, Katelyn wants us to do a sort of thank you letter to the bloggers that inspired us to start our own blog. So here goes...sort of. 

I started this blog long ago when I started really getting into writing. Since then it's taken a few twists and turns. While I'm not a full time book blogger, I have done a few posts here and there that are book related. There are a lot of blogs that inspire me to try, but three that always come to the top of my mind every time.

The first would be the amazing lady behind this Love-A-Thon!! Katelyn is one of the first bloggers I met on twitter and we because fast friends. And somehow she still seems to lure me to books that I never would have heard about or thought about reading with her amazing reviews. And the, this girl has great taste! Her Tune In Tuesday posts always have me running to Spotify.
Another lovely lady is Ginger over at GReads. We have such similar taste in books, shows and music that if she likes it, 99% of the time I will too! I've enjoyed getting to know her, and others better, through her fun Tune In Tuesday and TGIF posts. 
The third is a gentleman by the name of Jamie over at writers write, right? When I first thought of joining in on a fun weekly meme, he was one of the first I turned too. His Teaser Tuesdays and W.O.W. posts always have me longing for books I don't have or have yet released.

You three are talented and inspiring bloggers as well as super amazing friends! So thank you!!!!!!!!! <3

Make sure you check out these, and the other awesome bloggers participating in the Love-A-Ton!!


Katelyn said...

Mandie, you are so sweet! Thank you so very much :) I am so glad we became such great blogging and twitter friends <3

Ginger @ GReads! said...

aww thanks Mandie! You are too kind <3 I adore you as well!

Hannah Lorraine said...

Great blogs! I also am liking yours - your header is gorgeous! I'm off to read some of your posts =)

Alexa said...

Such a sweet post! I love that I got to meet you through Katelyn and Ginger :)

Jayme @ The Secret Life of an Avid Reader said...

Isn't Katelyn great for putting this together?

Lisa (Adventures of 2.0) said...

Great blogs! I'm off to check out Jaime's now. :D

Jamie Manning said...

Aw, MB!! :) You are a dear, dear friend that I'm so happy to have met through blogging...I <3 you mucho!! :)

Mandie Baxter said...

Ginger, Jamie, and Katelyn, you are most welcome! <3 you three.
ALexa-so glad too!
Lisa and Hannah-Thanks!
And yes Jayme, she is!!

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