Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tune In Tuesday {1}

Tune In Tuesday is a fun weekly post hosted by Ginger at GReads.  It's a great way to see what kind of music other people are loving.  I’ve seen these around and just had to join in the fun.

There's this song going around and it's crazy popular and I finally broke down and bought it on iTunes last night.  I’m not going to lie; I wasn't a fan of this song when it first came out.  I know crazy, right?  Apparently everyone on the planet loved it but me. 

Why didn't I love it?  Because it's one of those crazy songs that gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out for days on end!  Now I don’t listen to the radio much, when I do it’s usually a rock station, but my husband would sing parts of this song around the house and it would just get stuck in my head!  It would make me so mad because I’m going around singing two lines to a song I don't even know.  That's annoying!

So why did I break down and get the song that I only know two lines to from lack of radio listening yet it keeps getting stuck in my head?  Well, I was watching a show and one of the characters was listening to it on her *insert whatever musical playing device she was listening to here* while walking and she was listening to it loudly and I was listening to it loudly too and I was all like “wow I do like this song!”  Just seeing the power it had on the character, the way it transformed her, I wanted that.  I wanted to be the girl power walking to the song down the road.  It also gave me ideas and motivation for my current WIP.  I love songs that are motivational!

Without further ado I give you "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele

I started this blog for writing purposes so I’m going to try to post songs that inspire my writing.  And if I come up short, well I’ll just post songs I’m really loving at the moment!

P.S. Kudos to anyone who can guess what show I was watching!


Katelyn said...

Such a good song! After hearing this one I have become quite a big fan of Adele. I am probably 100% wrong but I was watching I am Number Four last night and this song was totally in the movie. Actually, there were a ton of great songs in the movie! So glad you joined this meme :)

Tee said...

Breaking down for the first time and listening to Adele..here on your page. I have kept putting it off..but Im liking this!! New Follower!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I'm curious to know what you were watching, too! I thought I Am Number Four as well because it's on the soundtrack. But this song is crazy popular, so who knows??

Christa said...

I would love to post music, but sadly, it's Radio Disney and GLEE all the time at my house so I have nothing of inspiration:(

Anne said...

Love Adele and love this song- great choice!

Mandie Baxter said...

Welcome Tee..glad we could enjoy together. What were we waiting for? I tried to follow your blog, but couldn't find the follow...:(
Thanks Anne.
Haha...those are some of my favs Christa!
Katelyn/Ginger..I'm going to have to go back and watch I Am Number Four. I saw it in the theater but don't remember the song. Guess I was that sucked in! But, I was watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yup...guilty pleasure, I love that show!

Jen D. said...

I love Adele. Her first album was amazing and this one looks like it's going to be just as amazing.

You're not along. My sister loves TSLotAT. She got me hooked on watching it for a little while.

Sara Bee said...

I avoided Adele all-together when she very first entered the music. Thanks to Pandora and my "Sara Baraellis" station... I finally realized what I had been missing. She has an amazingly soulful voice with such powerful lyrics. I will be honest though.... this song is being WAY overplayed. I just discovered your blog and I really like it; keep up the great work because you just gained a new follower! XO~ Sara

Mandie Baxter said...

Jen D - I loved Seventh Heaven so when I saw this show I had to watch!
Sara- Thanks! That means so much! I like Sara Baraellis too. I tend not to listen to the radio much on long drives for that reason, and I'm sure this one is played at least once an hour.

Anita Grace Howard said...

OH, I love this song! And yes, it does kind of have that earworm effect, right? LOL. Great post!

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