Friday, July 8, 2011

TGIF {1}

TGIF is a fun post created by Ginger at GReads.  It’s to recap what you’ve posted about through the week and then Ginger asks a fun question.  I enjoy reading Katelyn's so much I had to find out how to join.

This is my first attempt, so I hope I’m doing it right!

Blogger Confession:  What's the last book you could not finish?  (or had a hard time finishing?)

There have only been 3 books that I've had a hard time finishing or wanting to finish and none of them have been YA!  Go figure. 

The first was Revolutionary Road.  I struggled getting into the book and ended up watching the movie when I was about half way through.  Knowing how the movie ended I could not finish the book.  I gave it away. 

The second was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It took for. Ever! to read through that book.  Once I got 3/4 of the way in it picked up and became interesting but it was just so long in the beginning.  I have yet to read the second in the series.  I'm not saying I won't, just not right now.

The last book I read and struggled finishing was "Red Riding Hood".  I haven't seen the movie, but in my opinion they should have left well enough alone and not ventured into book format.  I'm a firm believer in reading a book before watching the movie, it blew up in my face.  One lazy Sunday I decided to give it a whirl, hoping to finish it that day.  Lucky me it didn't take long at all to read.  Why?  Because I skimmed.  After a few chapters of confusing point of view and an absurd amount of over abundance descriptionsyeah, like thatI stuck to dialogue and skimming.  I just could not make myself read it word for word.  Then you get to the end.  Except, it's not the end.  You have to go online to read the last chapter!  It took me a month before I went online to read the ending.  I just didn't care enough how it ended to rush right over.  I read it and that was that.

The only book I would recommend of these three is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but with a huge disclaimer saying it's tough to get into.  


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get into Red Riding Hood either. Maybe I'll try the movie?

cherie said...

I tagged you in a crazy, twisted meme!

Trish said...

i agree with you on the girl with the dragon tattoo. there's a lot of boring, fluff and blah blah in that book but it eventually gets better. i haven't picked up the second book either...i plan to ... eventually!

Mandie Baxter said...

Somer-I've heard the movie was okay. Not a must see.
Cherie-Can't wait!
Trish-I have the second...but have yet to read it. It's not on the top of my list.

Jamie Manning said...

Yay Mandie...welcome to TGIF!! I haven't read any of these three, but I did watch Revolutionary Road--it was just okay for me, so I know I wouldn't like the book! And thanks for the heads up about Dragon Tattoo...I've been pondering reading that one, so now I know not to!!

Christa said...

Mine was The 5,000 Year's about our Forefathers. My dad asked me to read it for a Father's Day present to him...sheesh.

Lauren @ Pure Text said...

I keep seeing The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. I wonder if I'll ever take the plunge and read it...

Anyway, I mostly stopped by to tell you that I enjoyed your Blogger profile. I hope you find the time to finish your YA novel, Mandie! :) I'm pretty curious as to what it's about!

Melanie_McCullough said...

I haven't read Revolutionary Road or Red Riding Hood, but I did just purchase The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo since my Nook kept insisting that I would like it. Now I'm scared.

Anita Grace Howard said...

What a great post! I've heard the same thing about TGWTDT. One of my crit pals read it and said it was like eating rusted nails until a little over midway; then she was hooked.

Anita Grace Howard said...

Oh, and forgot to ask you: Did you see Red Riding HOod? I was wondering if it's any good.

Mandie Baxter said...

TGwtDT wasnt all bad, just have to get through the beginning. The last part was amazing. Sadly I hear the other two books are the same. So if you don't mind a lot of info right up front to get to the goods, go for it! I'm excited for the movie, sadly I couldn't keep up with the Sweedish versions subtitles and watch the movie.

Thanks Jamie! You were right, it's fun!
Christa, gotta love dads!
Thanks Lauren. All I'll say for now is it's about a girl, a boy and dreams. :)
Don't be scared Mel! :) just, it takes time.
Anita haven't seen it yet, but hear it's ok. Not a must see right now, but an ok movie.

Katelyn said...

Go Mandie! You succeeded in your first TGIF post and you did such a wonderful job. I was gone at a concert all day Friday so I am just getting around to going through some. You did it all perfectly! Can't wait to see more posts by you :)

Sara Bee said...

Dragon Tattoo... SAME THING.... I got about 3/4 of the way through and just got bored.
Revolutionary Road.... I actually loved this one. I read it as part of my monthly book club so I think I had more of a 'push' to finish it. I, however, was the only one to enjoy it so go figure!

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