Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Ready? Set. WRITE! #6

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk. A great way for readers and writers to keep up with each other. Thanks to tweets from Elodie Nowodazkij and Katy Upperman, I've joined in the fun of both What's Up Wednesday and Ready! Set. Write! (created by Alison Miller).

What I'm Reading

Finished Ender's Game. I was okay with it as long as I didn't think about him being so young. That got to me. Made me think of my little boy in that kind of situation. Other than that, I loved it. I also finished What Happened to Goodbye. Not my favorite Dessen book but still a good read! Then I picked up The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer. I finished the first Sunday night and the second Last Night. LOVE LOVE LOVED them. There we're a few things that annoyed me. I'd think "come on, really?". But overall it was a great read! Definitely what I was looking for in a summer read. Last night I started the audio book of The Fifth Wave. I think I'll really enjoy this. And today I'm going to start reading City of Bones. Yes, you read that right. I haven't read the series! But, I will read at least the first book before the movie! I have the first four in a paperback box set.

What I'm Writing

I've made it to 6K! 2K was below my goal but I've decided I'm trying to push myself too far. There are not enough hours in the day for a mom that works full time! Unless I neglect my kid which I won't do. He comes first. So I won't make my original camp nano goal so I'm pushing for 10K by end of July. It's doable. And my Ready Set Write goal will be 500 words a day. I'll get there! I’ve added a paragraph. Again…don’t mind the horribleness. I’m still trying not to edit as I go. It’s HARD!
I watch Grayson as he talks to the twins—and me—about the dolphins. His eyes are bright, focused. A smile plays on his lips the whole time speaks. I’d say he’s glowing, but that’s a bit odd to say about a guy. Simply, he’s different. He’s happy. And if they weren’t animals I’d say in love. It’s what I want. What I’ve been looking for ever since I spent time away and realized there’s more out there than the path that’s been set for me. There’s running. But it’s not enough. I want more. I want to ask him how he does it, how he stepped out of the mold and created one of his own. How he took his life in his own hands and ran—or swam—with it. But then fear stops me. Fear of my parents and what they’ll say, do. It all comes back to them. To my brother. And how much of what I do affects them. Or affects how people see them. Which to my parents is the most important thing of all. Even more than my happiness.
What Inspires Me Right Now

Seeing how everyone else is doing and the fact that there are other's out there that aren't fast writers. I always kick myself because I don't write fast. I don't think I'll ever do the 1 hour 1 K and walk away with 1K. I'll be lucky to have 500 words! But that's okay. I'll do it at my own speed and it still gets done. Slow and steady wins the race.

What Else I've Been Up To

Trying not to grow webbed hands and feet. Sounds funny, I know. But OMG the amount of rain we’ve had. I think it’s rained every day in July. Most of June as well. It’s nice to have rainy days every now and then but give us a break! We haven’t been to the park in over a month. And then there’s the nightly storms which doesn’t do well for writing because I’m a nut and WILL NOT plug my lap top in if it’s lightening (and my battery sucks). I am going to give Starbucks a shot on lunch breaks a few days a week. It’s a few minutes from work. Much better environment than the break room. Fingers crossed!!!


Stephsco said...

I'm also really inspired by other writer's progress through this challenge; not necessarily the big wordcounts either, but the managing 1k a week among working, vacations, childcare, and enjoying a slice of summer. Every time you sit to write is a sacrifice of something else, but hopefully it's worth it. :)

Miss Cole said...

Don't worry, I haven't read that series either. Enjoy The 5th Wave! Still my best book of 2013.

Congrats on hitting 6k too!

You've got rain, we've got a heatwave. Nutty weather!

Jaime Morrow said...

Whatever your pace, you're doing a great job on your story, Mandie! I like the snippet you shared. I already like this Grayson fella, even just reading this small chunk. I read the first three Mortal Instruments books and then got sidetracked. I've been meaning to start all over again and keep on going. I've been in the mood for that lately, so I might just do it! :-)

Crystal Collier said...

I can't wait to read The 5th Wave, and look forward to what you think of it. Way to go on setting a daily writing goal. I think that's the problem most of us have as writers, not outlining a clear and decisive plan to success. Congrats on your 6K!

Erin L. Funk said...

I was late to the game on the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS too. It just means there are more books out in the series that you don't have to wait for, right?

Congratulations on reaching the 6k mark! I enjoyed your excerpt and love that you insist on putting your son first! That in itself deserves a big pat on the back!

I had to laugh over your comment about not plugging in your laptop when there's lightning, because I'm the exact same way! I always worry this will be the storm that zaps it AND me lol! I guess that makes me a nut too. :p

Kate Scott said...

Okay, I'm impressed. First you tell us you read four books and last week and started two new ones, then you complain that you only had time to write 6k words because you were busy with your full time job and kid. Hello, do you ever sleep? Congrats on you know, just being you!

Kari Marie White said...

ooo! I got the 5th WAVE in the mail recently. Can't wait to read it.

My laptop is so old that I won't leave it plugged in for more than six hours, and definitely not during a storm. I'm afraid the poor thing will blow up.

You made great progress this week! I love the name Grayson. Have a great week. 500 words a day is a perfect goal.

Katy Upperman said...

The youngness of the ENDER'S GAME cast bothered me too. At times, it was difficult to take them seriously. I'm really excited about the movie though... I think it's a fantastic story! You're doing an awesome job with your progress, Mandie! Best of luck with your writing in the coming days!

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

Ummm....your progress is amazing! The reading time counts too! Way to go.

Have a great week!

Lily Cate said...

Great work on the word count!
I've found I can write a lot in one sitting, but not every single day at the same pace. I tend to churn out a big number, and then not write much for maybe the rest of the week :P

Alison Miller said...

The 1K in 1 hour is sometime doable, but not always - just depends how quickly the words come. But it sounds like you've made A LOT of progress! So, go you! Also, I loved the snippet!

Hope you are having a great week!

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