Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Ready? Set. WRITE! #3

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk. A great way for readers and writers to keep up with each other. Thanks to tweets from Elodie Nowodazkij and Katy Upperman, I've joined in the fun of both What's Up Wednesday and Ready! Set. Write! (created by Alison Miller).

What I'm Reading

Thanks to the move (see below) I'm now 15-20 minutes away from home instead of 5 so I'll be spending most of my lunches at work in the break room. Which means more time for reading! I finished Invisibility today and started Keeping the Moon. I've got two more Dessen's lined up after this one.

What I'm Writing

Between Ready? Set. Write! and Camp Nano I'm hoping to get a good chunk of my first draft of WHEN THE WIND BLOWS done! My goal for July is 25000. About 800 words a day. I've got a good bit of the research done and a few plot points mapped out. But I'm a pantser at heart so I'll most likely outline as I go.

What Inspires Me Right Now

When I find it, I'll let you know. At the moment the only thing I can concentrate on is sleep. It's taken me almost an hour to focus just on this blog post. Okay, now make that an hour and a half. Oy!

What Else I've Been Up To

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! We moved this weekend. Packed up the old house Thursday night (photos below), moved it Friday, started unpacking and finished on Saturday. Busy, busy weekend. But it's done so I can get back to normal. At least by this weekend. With a co-worker out I'm pulling double duty. Lost of running from one side of the bank to the other. At least we have Thursday off! Big cookout planned at my parents with family, food and fireworks!


Erin L. Funk said...

So glad you're joining us for both WUW and RSW! Good luck with your writing goals for July! I hope you settle into your new home soon and that you have a great 4th of July tomorrow!

Katy Upperman said...

Yikes! I do not envy the moving, but I do envy your extra reading time and your fantastic WiP progress. Way to go, lady! Best of luck meeting your goal in the coming weeks. :-)

Lola Sharp said...

Moving is The Worst. I've moved so many times, but never once since I've been old enough to own a house (and I've owned lots of houses over the years), hell, since way back when I owned a condo, have I EVER been able to pack in one night, move and unpack by two days later! (not even when we use movers and have lots of help) OMG, you are like superwoman! O_0
(I think I have way too much stuff)
Anyway, congrats on the move, superwoman!
Happy Fourth of July,

Jaime Morrow said...

I'm so happy you decided to join us! Welcome! :)

I just discovered that I have a used copy of KEEPING THE MOON on my TBR shelf. Huh. Who knew? I also have THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER, THIS LULLABY, and SOMEONE LIKE YOU still to read. Can't wait!

I hate moving so much. We've moved more times than I can count, so I've gotten it down to a bit of a science, but still. Happy to hear that you're all settled in again now. Good luck with your writing goals this week.:)

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