Thursday, December 2, 2010

Putting yourself out there...

Sometimes the first step is the hardest.  The anxiety of it all rests in one little button.  But once you click "send", it's over.  One simple little movement and there's no turning back.

Sent off the first three chapters of one of my two current projects to a few friends and my sister in law (is is amazing and helping me with editing).  Have also sent some e-mails to others fishing around for other possible pre-readers.  I feel the more honest opinions I can get, the better writer I'll be.

Now I just sit and wait - anxiously, impatiently, fearful - for their response.

Currently listening too...the dryer and heater.


Anna Zagar said...

Looks like I can leave a comment now! Woot woot! Anyway, about your topic, YES it's scary to send your child out and have it spanked by other people. But the payoff is HUGE. And a pointer: You don't have to go with anyone's suggestions, this is your work. But if a few people point out the same thing, you probably want to take a look at it at least.

Happy Writing, and welcome to the club of heart-break, joy, waiting, and also, waiting. Oh, and then there's waiting!

Rose Red said...

Yea! I didn't have to approve it though. BTW, do you get a notification since you commented? Not sure how it works!

And THANKS! :) Sounds like SO much fun! least we're in this together (sort of, your WAY ahead of me).

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