Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sound track to your life...

I will confess, I'm a Gleek.  I love all and everything that has to do with music, therefore I can't get enough of Glee!  While I wasn't in the school choir, I was in the band for 7 years!  And music was my favorite subject through elementary school.  I eat, breathe, sleep music and I HATE quiet.  I can't function without background noise.  If I'm home alone the TV or radio MUST be turned on.  Therefore, when I write, REALLY write, I have to have music playing, mood music.  I definitely choose what music I listen too depending on my mood.  I have my angry, sad, happy, workout, get up and go music of choice.  My mood can also be altered by music.  Could be a normal day and a sad song plays and brings you down, or you could be down and hear an upbeat song that picks you up.  Certain songs can also trigger memories, good or bad.  Songs that make you feel like a kid again, remind you of your teen years.  In the end, music fuels my soul. 

So what's your sound track like?  I have to say mine is a mixed pallet, and I couldn't pick just one (okay, if my life depended on it, but I won't even think about that).

Favorites now...One Republic, Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin (just to name a few)
Guilty Pleasure...was, is and always will be Fall Out Boy
All time favorite songs...Madonna's "Material Girl" and Boston's "Amanda".

Currently listening to One Republics "Dream Out Loud" CD


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