Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Reads 2014

A few years back I tried book blogging. I suck at it because I can’t just review the book. I want to ramble on for pages and pages or can’t find any words at all. So earlier this year I decided to use Katy Upperman’s idea (it’s okay, she doesn’t mind). Each month I do a mini review of the books I read that month. No picking and choosing, every single book.
September was an eclectic month (11 books this month/105 for the year). New Adult and Young Adult. Sci-Fi and contemporary and dystopian and suspense. 
It was a cute, fun read.Nothing bad but not one of my favorite reads ever. I'll definitely be reading the next one.
I don’t even know what to say about this book. I liked Anna. I loved Lola. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Isla. It was cute, funny, angsty, swoony. I could go on and on. BUt I won't because if you've read it, you know. And if you haven't...well....what are you waiting for?! 
I started this series years ago when it first came out and have read each book since. The last two kind of let me down but this book picked the pace of the series back up again. I’m excited for the next installment.
I found this one slow going at first but once I got used to the language and into the story it started flying. I saw the movie opening weekend and can’t wait to finish the series.
I can’t say enough good things about this book. Told from multiple viewpoints we really get to see what goes on in the minds of high school students and what makes them start horrible rumors. It's a great example of why you can't always believe what you hear. Incredible story very well told. Jennifer really captured the heart of the story and kept me guessing about the truth. It's definitely a book I'd love for my son to read when he's older and going through peer pressure. Sometimes a story or book can express more than someone can explain.
I love everything about this entire series. I listened to the audio book for each one and the narrator does a fantastic job of making each character their own. The series has a dark tone but Barry Lyga does an incredible job of weaving laughter here and there. If you love a good dark mystery I highly recommend this series. NOT for anyone squeamish about blood and gore.
I wanted to love this book. I really did. I heard so many incredible things about it but I just didn’t. It’s not a bad book. It’s beautifully written. I think my problem was there were so many characters introduced at the beginning and throughout the book that I tried to keep up with them instead of enjoy the story. I’m hopeful that I’ll love The Piper’s Son, but giving myself a break before starting it.
I just finished up a re-watch of Friday Night Lights so it was the perfect time to read All Lined Up. Cute fun read that made me think of Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen.
Originally listened to this book last year when it was released but for some reason came up blank trying to remember it. When the sequel (The Infinite Wave) was released I decided to give this one another go. And I’m glad I did. I missed so much the first time. I’m currently a third of the way through book two and loving it.
This was another reread/second chance book this month. I read an ARC back in early 2012 before the book was released and didn’t get into it. To me, the book reads more middle grade and I think that was my problem. Knowing that this time around helped. I was anxious for the second book. Glad I was able to pick it up right away.
Which brings us to this book. Sky on Fire was a lot shorter than the previous book (and the conclusion) but I don’t’ think it needed any more. It was perfect. And so far (I’m a third into the 3rd book) it’s my favorite of the series. We’re introduced to a new narrator (it flips between brothers Dean and Alex where the first was just Dean). I was hoping to finish Monument 14: Savage drift this past weekend. I planned on reading the series over the weekend but I was busier than I thought I'd be.
So what did you read this month?


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