Monday, February 4, 2013

Entry for Cupid's Kissing Scene Contest - One More Summer

Lead in: Devyn and Tyler were summer neighbors until three years ago when Devyn moved away. She's hated Tyler since they were kids when he was always picking on her. Now she's walking with her friends, Hannah and Stephanie, to Tyler's house after a game of Truth or Dare to avoid talking about what brought her back for the summer.

I glance at my phone.—the clock reads 10:00. Shit. Too late to knock. I walk to the back of the house, hoping a few light taps on the window will be enough to get his attention.
I’m right. Tyler’s blinds open and he stands there, shirtless. He doesn't open the window so I motion for him to come outside. I’m standing in the doorway when he opens it. Of course he could have put a shirt on before coming out here. But that would have been too easy.
 “What’s up?” he asks, stretching one arm up along the door-frame and leaning into it. Something black catches my eye. It looks like vines creeping along his rib cage and the top of his shoulders.
Tyler clears his throat and I peel my stare away from his chest. Shaking my head I answer, “Just this.”
Without thinking I step forward and rise onto my tip-toes. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to my level. Before my brain talks me out of it I press my lips to his.
He doesn’t resist. It’s as if he expected it. Or wanted it, which is more disturbing. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to him. It’s awkward at first with our height difference, but when his lips begin to move against mine, warm and gentle, I can’t help but respond. My mind is screaming at me to stop, but my body takes over. I trail my fingers up his neck and into his hair, pulling him even closer. Before I know it his tongue is running along my lips, setting my nerves on fire. My body heats up and I melt into him. His arms wrap tighter around me and in seconds my feet are off the ground and around his waist.
Hannah coughs behind us and my body immediately shuts down. I wiggle against him until his grip on my legs loosens and I slide down his body. I turn around to see Stephanie staring at me, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open.


Chelsey said...

Hee, yay for snagging shirtless boy kisses!

Suzi said...

Ohh, kinda a sneak attack. :)

What are the black lines like vines on his rib cage and shoulder--tattoos?

Margie said...

Wow! Love this--ended way too soon. Good luck!

Margie #40

Carissa Taylor said...

I'm loving the whole idea of this dare-kiss turned real-kiss. So hot!

Anonymous said...

I like this! The vines (tattoos?) were a nice touch, and the kiss was hot. I love that he just took control of the situation. I would add a little more lead-in though. I'm not sure how old these kids are and I'd like to know what Tyler and Devyn's relationship is prior to the kiss. Good luck! :D

Jessie (#32)

Maggie Young said...

As opposed to "like" or "really like", this entry is on my very short "LOVE!!!!" list. It is much too short (I wanted MORE!!) but very powerful and engaging. Wishing you the best of luck in the contest!

Maggie #27

Anonymous said...

Shirtless snog sniper. Wow -- so cute. Of course, I have no idea why Devyn would be turned on by kissing someone she supposedly hates, but I'm guessing there is a story there. The pacing on this is so well done. I love that it moves along so briskly neither Devyn nor her friends (nor I) have a chance to stop and say, "Huh?" until it's too late. Great scene.
--Barb (#38)

Bonnie Staring said...

LOVE THIS! I hope the friends who dared her are totally jealous. Gotta love it when a dare turns out to be freaking awesome!

Great scene and good luck!

Saybe Scott said...

Haha. I LOVE this scene, and how it kinda takes off from the MC unintentionally. There was just something about it... even more than the scenes that are supposed to be showing a really intense kiss, I found this scene super hot; totally wanted more. Great job! --Saybe (#23)

Virginia Pierce said...

I also totally wanted to read more. Great scene and I love how the dare got the scene rolling. Great job!!!

Virginia #7

Shelley Watters said...

Kissing "expert" here! I loved this and loved the whole "dare kiss turned into real kiss" aspect!

Best overall writing: Write In The Kisser Award

Amber said...

*Phew* This is hot! I love that even though you set it up, I forgot the friends were standing off to the side because I got involved in their kiss. It was most definitely swoon worthy. I want to read more right now!

-Amber (#41)
My Kissing Scene

Shannon said...

No shirt = so yummy! My favorite line: Butterflies. That says everything.
-Entry #12,

Larissa said...

Ha! So cute and also steamy. Loved this one!

Larissa (#47)

The Original Drama Mama said...

Another Devyn, yay! (My heroine is a Devyn too) Congrats on making it in to the next round :)
Melonie (kiss #29)

Anonymous said...

I love how she "slides down his body." Awesome scene. Congrats on the award and getting into the next round :)

Jessica #42

Laura Rueckert said...

I could really feel along with your MC once the kiss started. Very swoony! Great job.
Laura, Kiss #33, BSD #112

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